Sir Kenneth Grange Pays a Visit To Our Bodging Race

Sir Kenneth Grange at Bodging Race

No stranger to the Heal’s showrooms, legendary designer Sir Kenneth Grange popped by our flagship store this week to inspect the results of our recent Bodging race.

Personally guided by fellow designer Chris Eckersley, one of the bodgers at the event, Sir Kenneth took great joy in seeing the public’s reaction to our makeshift studio space:

“As soon as someone picks up a tool the crowds flock to have a look. The simple act of making or doing something suddenly brings these seemingly inanimate objects to life. Crucially, it demonstrates the great care and thought that goes into designing and making quality furniture.”

Having created seminal products since the 1950s, Grange knows a thing or two about the history of design and was keen to stress the value of continuing such traditional practises:

“In the east end where I grew up, we’d think of bodging as a sort of make do and mend approach. Similar to upcycling, it’s an honourable use of seemingly excess stuff. It’s been wonderful to learn more about the history and to trace that line through the heritage of British design.”

Of course, Sir Kenneth isn’t the only one who gets a say in the winning design. For your chance to choose and be entered into a prize draw to win £200 click VOTE NOW. (voting has now closed)

Sir Kenneth Grange Designer

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