Quarantine Essentials for the Home

Now toilet roll has returned to the supermarket shelves and we’ve waved goodbye to the majority of panic buying, it’s time to focus on your household’s quarantine essentials. We’ve handpicked some widely available products we deem essentials, with some more obvious than others.


Whether someone in your home is showing symptoms of the Coronavirus or not, key advice is to not share towels. Whilst this is already the norm for most of us, an enhanced need to wash them regularly means you may be caught short. Make sure you aren’t by stocking up on towels. This includes tea towels as well as hand and bath towels.

Read more about how to wash different fabrics and kill germs here.

Multiple towels are quarantine essentials


Comfortable bed linen serves more than one purpose during lockdown. First and foremost it helps to make your bedroom a cosy and relaxing place to unwind. Secondly, changing and washing your bedsheets regularly keeps germs at bay.

Many people have a family member staying who would otherwise be living alone, and if your partner is showing symptoms then the advice given is to avoid sharing a bed. In these scenarios it’s worth having extra bedding in as you’ll be changing the guest bedroom’s sheets more regularly.

For more information on keeping your towels and bedding safe, head over to the NHS website.

Changing your bed linen regularly is essential during quarantine

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is one of the most obvious necessities during quarantine. Whilst washing your hands with soap and water is the best for removing germs, hand sanitiser is a convenient alternative. Keep some in a pocket during your trip to the supermarket or whilst out for your daily exercise.

According to this Guardian article, your hand sanitiser needs to contain over 60% alcohol to be effective against Covid-19. This can be quite drying for sensitive hands. Luckily there are many premium hand sanitisers that include essential oils and moisturisers to keep your hands silky smooth.

We love this Premium Hand Sanitiser Spray from Purdy & Figg.

Purdy & Figg Hand Sanitiser - one of our quarantine essentials

Desk lamp

With long lead times on desks across the design industry, one way to revamp your workspace is to add a new lamp. While it isn’t strictly one of the major quarantine essentials, a desk lamp will help to focus your attention when working from home. With many of us working in less-than-optimal surroundings, a lamp can help transform a makeshift desk into a suitable workspace. Be that working at the kitchen table or at a desk squeezed into the corner of the living room.

A good desk lamp could be a quarantine essential

Bathroom cabinet

No, we aren’t suggesting a bathroom cabinet is one of the quarantine essentials, but the things inside it may be. Lockdown has just been extended for three weeks and with it comes the need to check what we have in.

Contact lenses, feminine hygiene products, prescription medicine, plasters, soap and nappies are just some of the things to check you have enough of. With potential delays on postal deliveries and lots of items out of stock, we recommend ordering sooner rather than later.

Stock up on your bathroom essentials

Calming scents

However resilient you are, this is a stressful time for everyone. To help combat this, try to make your home as comfortable and calming as possible. You can do this in many ways. For example, surround yourself with reassuring objects like childhood toys, familiar bedding and your favourite photographs.

Alternatively, fill your home with a scent that’s known for boosting your mood. Fragrances like lavender are renowned for their calming properties. Add these aromas to your home using a spray, diffuser, perfume or scented candle.

Use home fragrances to relax and unwind