Meet the Designer: Lucy Kurrein

The designer behind our statement-making Isola Sofa collection, Lucy Kurrein is quickly establishing herself in the furniture industry.

Lucy Kurrein founded her eponymous studio in 2013 and in the same year released her first design for SCP. In recent years she has worked with some of design’s biggest names, including Heal’s, The Conran Shop and Molinari.

From receiving the Design Guild Mark in 2019 for her Panel Chair to more recently being awarded ELLE Decoration’s Young Design Talent Award 2020, Lucy Kurrein is a force to be reckoned with.

How did you first get into design?

I studied furniture design at Buckinghamshire University, then worked for several years with Matthew Hilton, followed by PearsonLloyd. Luckily I was fortunate to have such a diverse and rigorous training.

I always felt a particular sensibility for design and knew I would have to work independently to be able to fully exercise that. I approached SCP with my first idea and it went from there.

Lucy Kurrein on the Isola Sofa

Tell us a bit about your design process.

Drawing and handmade model-making is integral, but my process is predominantly digital for accuracy. I create three-dimensional models on screen, then print maquettes at a fifth of the size, which I paint or upholster. The factories can then work from my data to the millimetre.

Who is a Lucy Kurrein design for?

I design for myself but I can’t help but judge my ideas through other people’s eyes too – friends and family etc. You can never really be sure how people will react though, so in the end I follow my own gut. It sounds callous, but I have to trust that my own objectives must reflect those of at least a few others.

The Isola Sofa

What materials define a Lucy Kurrein design?

Upholstery, wood and metal, but I’m always looking for sustainable options. Whatever I’m using, I try to work in a compelling way.

What’s the biggest challenge facing emerging designers?

Aside from the obvious design challenges, I’d say that finding good, like-minded producers to work with is a big hurdle. I have been very lucky to have the wonderful London-based producer/retailer SCP give me my first break and kick-start my career.

The Isola Armchair by Lucy Kurrein for Heal's

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