Meet the Designer: Genevieve Bennett

London-based designer Genevieve Bennett is the designer behind our exclusive Deco collection. Her designs draw inspiration from the tradition of decorative arts with the addition of sophisticated technology.

We delved deep to discover more about this contemporary designer and what inspires her.

How did Genevieve Bennett get into design?

Genevieve Bennett’s entry into design came after graduating with a Masters in Printed and Embroidered Textiles at the Royal College of Art. After graduation she worked as a consultant, designing home accessories for brands like Habitat and Wedgwood. It wasn’t until 2008 that she founded her own, eponymously-named studio.

Genevieve Bennett with pieces from her Deco collection for Heal's

What inspires her work?

Three-dimensional sculptural forms and textural surfaces have a large influence on Bennett’s work. She combines these with cutting-edge techniques and her own distinctive patterns.

A love of natural materials drives a large part of Genevieve Bennett’s work. Her instinctive command of pattern and desire to craft designs that are timelessly elegant define her collections. Bennett is committed to making sure each thoroughly contemporary design is precious, distinctive and long-lasting.

What is her signature style?

Genevieve Bennett is well known for her signature leatherwork designs. She uses this leatherwork to create bespoke artwork, furniture and mirrors. Each of her leather creations is handcrafted in London using only the finest materials.

Pieces from the Deco Collection by Genevieve Bennett for Heal's

What is her process when designing patterns?

All of Genevieve Bennett’s designs begin as pencil sketches and draw upon her extensive collection of patterns. This rich pattern archive is the accumulation of over 18 years of travel, research and working abroad. Islamic tile, English Arts and Craft and Art Deco metalwork heavily influence each pattern Bennett designs. Once she has developed a pattern, Bennett refines it through repeat drawing before it enters production.

Genevieve Bennett at Heal’s

Genevieve Bennett is the designer behind our exclusive Knot collection. Composed of lighting, rugs and mirrors, this is the first Heal’s collection to span different product categories. Bennett drew inspiration from the ancient art of knot tying practiced on Samurai armour. Geometric patterns, contrasting materials and intricate finishes define the range.

Notably, the Deco Glass Pendant marks Genevieve Bennett’s first foray into lighting design. This stunning light exudes a luxurious, vintage aesthetic with Bennett’s signature contemporary twist.

The Deco Rug by Genevieve Bennett for Heal's

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