How Influencers Work from Home

We sat down [virtually] with some of our favourite influencers to discover their top tips on working from home. Like us, they’re all spending a lot more time at home. So, in collaboration with Paper Collective and Anglepoise, we sent each of them a few gifts to personalise their workspaces. Discover how they styled their gifts and how they work from home below.

Apogee Interiors' work from home space



“Try and create a work-only space in the home. Be it a study, a small desk in a room or even an arm chair, this allows you to isolate work to one space. If you work from the same sofa you spend the evening watching TV from then there’s no definition. Do anything to try and define your work environment and your home life.”

Oak Apple Décor's home office



“As I work from home a lot, over the years I’ve realised the impact my surroundings have on the way I work. For me, having a clean and tidy work space with practical yet beautiful storage is so important. Functional lighting is a must too. A visually pleasing space helps to keep you happy and mentally stimulated; No one wants to work in a messy and boring space do they?!”

Melanie Lissack's space to work from home featuring the Anglepoise Type 80



“Lighting is important in any situation, but particularly for productivity. On darker days, avoid working under harsh overhead lighting such as spotlights and glaring pendants by adding a task lamp. If you don’t have a desk lamp, borrow a bedside table light or a side light from your living space. An atmospheric lamp will make your workspace feel more cosy, comforting and inviting than working in a stark, bright room.”

Our 90s Fixer Upper working from home with the Anglepoise Mini and Paper Collective Prints

Ross & Ian


“As we’re both working from home during the current UK lockdown, it’s important for us that we have our own spaces to work quietly and take a business-as-usual approach to our working day. At the close of play, we put all our work gear back into storage and transform the dining room table back to what it should be so you don’t feel like you are living at work 24/7!”

The Layover Life working from home



“Write out your to do list the day before. Write the list in chronological order and next to each item on the list write a timeframe and only spend that long on that task. It’s not a race to finish it but it’s easier to focus on tasks when you know there are breaks coming.”

A space to work from home in 1fiveone's home



“My tip for working from home is to make whatever corner of your home you’re working from as comfortable as possible. Even if it’s by adding some new cushions or a throw. And lighting is really important, if you’re not by a window make sure you have a nice lamp, this will ensure it’s a more productive space to work from. If you de-clutter the space it will help you focus.”

Jackie Hoyte's work from home space



“I find structure and routine essential when working from home and always take a break for lunch. But make sure you get a change of scenery and don’t eat at your desk. Creating a space that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing is vital to me. I’m lucky that my desk is right next to a window so having a constant source of natural light makes a big difference.”

The home office at The Old Posthouse



“Set those boundaries. Video calls, especially when back to back, are so exhausting! I make sure I block time out in my diary for lunch, 1-2 hour slots for emails and non-working hours.  It has helped me have a lot more control over my time!”

Take their lead and update your workspace with a Type 80 Desk Lamp from Anglepoise and a series of wall art from Paper Collective.