In The Studio: Jesper Jensen

Jesper Jensen Glassware Berlin

Made using traditional glass blowing techniques within Jesper Jensen’s Berlin studio, the glassware features the designer’s trademark hand-pinched indentation along its surface and base.We caught up with Jesper to talk about his design influences and work process.

What is the inspiration behind your work?

I find inspiration for the way I work, from the old traditional crafts. The level of understanding there goes into mastering a material takes patience and time.

How would you describe your collection?

All the designs we make here, have a strong focus on functionalism. We can take a bottle, remove its neck, heat it up and push in certain places and stretch the glass in other places to get the form we desire.

Jesper Jensen Berlin Glassware
Do you have a preferred material or process?

My favorite material would be at wine bottle. I can take any old bottle lying in the street gutter and in one day turn it into a beautiful design product. Most people passed it on the street and only see an empty container, where I see the potential for new life.

Tell us about the first piece you ever designed?

Oh I don’t know. Since I was a kid I liked tinkering with things finding alternative uses for what I was playing with. This has carried on through my chosen professional career.
Do you have a design hero that influences your work?

I like the guys behind the book “from cradle to cradle”. They talk about the entire life span of products, where does the product go when we are finished using it and so on.

Do you have any studio superstitions / design quirks?

Sometimes it can be very difficult getting started and for me a cigarette or a strong cup of coffee is what saves my day.

What 3 words describe your range at Heal’s?

functionalism, handcraft and sustainability

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Jesper Jensen’s glass collection is now available to buy in store and online.


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