In The Studio: Augustine and Bridgland

Augustine Bridgland Fine Artists

London-based duo Danny Augustine and Adam Bridgland,  first collaborated on an exhibition in May 2014. Together, they created a collection of large mono print works exploring themes of lust and love, by painting directly onto the screen print mesh before printing. The duo has created an exclusive series of abstract, hand-painted floral prints which spans both the mediums of print and painting. As the artists paint directly onto the screen mesh, thereis only one original for each design created.

We catch up with Danny Augustine and Adam Bridgland, to discuss their design process and their exclusive designs for Heal’s.

What is the inspiration behind your work?

Taking our inspiration from flowers and their symbolism the project was something that happened very organically, almost by accident, developing from an initial interest in combining imagery and our studio practices. The new work developed very quickly when print sessions started in the Jealous Print Studio after we realised the success of the work was to combine our two creative painting styles to produce the huge expressive floral works.

How would you describe the concept / range / collection?

The new designs for Heal’s are more colourful and vibrant than the initial works made for our exhibition at the Jealous Gallery in May 2013. Our first prints had been very British with a more muted palette. The Tropical Garden brief from Heal’s meant that we started researching plants and flowers we were not familiar with. This added to the excitement, creating our own representations of the various species we were studying.

Tell us about your design process, how do you get started?

We spend time researching the flowers we are going to paint and print, looking at how the different species might work together on the final piece. We then make a list of the names to take in to the printing sessions. We do not have imagery in these however; everything is drawn from memory from our research. We believe this artistic representation adds to the excitement, movement and vibrancy of the works.

Augustine Bridgland Fine Artists

Do you have a preferred material or process?

Both of our practices heavily involve screen printing. Ever since we both experienced the medium for the first time, we have been captured by the technique and the immediacy of the process.

Everyone has a personal reaction to colour, are there any you instinctively avoid?

Purple for Adam, Silver for Danny

How did you get involved with Heal’s?

Caroline Dulko saw our exhibition Flowers For Your Darlings at Jealous Gallery and invited us to a meeting to discuss a new range of designs for Heal’s 2015 Spring/Summer collection.

Tell us about the first piece you ever designed?

There has never really been a first design, all the work created is part of an ongoing series of works. We are currently continuing these for a new collection of print works at the Jealous East Gallery in Shoreditch in April 2015. I think we will continue until we are either bored or we fall out!

Augustine Bridgland Fine Artists

Do you have a design hero that influences your work?

We both admire people who have successful combined the words of both fine art and design. People like Peter Saville for example. Other artists we take inspiration from are Tim Mara, Eduardo Paolozzi, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Howard Hodgkin, Ken Done, Henry Darger and Jim Lambie to name but a few.

Do you have any studio superstitions / design quirks?

Good music playing in the studio and a couple of cans of some sorts to make us more relaxed.

What 3 words describe your range at Heal’s?

Colourful, Vibrant, Bold

Augustine Bridgland Artists Prints

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