Designers on Lockdown: Says Who

Continuing our ‘Designers on Lockdown’ series, we caught up with Danish design duo, Says Who. Lockdown has been different in every country, and in their native Denmark, Says Who are finding it’s beginning to loosen up. Read on to discover more about Kasper Meldgaard and Nikolaj Duve’s experience of lockdown in Denmark.

Hi guys, tell us a little bit about yourselves…

Hi, we’re Says Who design, made up of Kasper and Nikolaj. We’re back in the office because here in Denmark the lockdown is quite easy now because everything is opening like schools and shops. So, we’re back in the office as well, where we can actually do a normal day’s work. The team is here as well and we’re happy to be back.

How is lockdown treating you?

Two months ago we went into isolation and since then it has been quite an interesting period. Of course, it was positive in the way that we have had time to focus more on the projects at hand individually. The challenge is that it has been quite a different way to go about making designs. We are a team and working individually has been new for us.

Says Who design duo portrait

How has lockdown shifted the way you design?

The biggest shift for us in lockdown is that we had to move the whole process from being together in the office to an online experience. We had to adapt to working with video, over the phone and on WhatsApp. So, we could see each other virtually but not physically. That was a breakthrough for us because it showed we can work well together even when not together physically.

How has your business adapted to social distancing?

So, after having been at home for about two months, initially just Kasper and I returned to the office. Gradually the whole team came along as well, so today we are working as a full team at the office. Of course, it’s not the same as it was before. We are still keeping our distance, we are not eating together and we are washing our hands frequently. But the fact we don’t have to wear facemasks makes it a little easier. Wearing facemasks isn’t a requirement in Denmark.

Says Who's Lars bedroom furniture collection

How have you stayed motivated when working from home?

In the beginning it was actually quite challenging to work from home. I would say the motivation was, of course, quite high because we were worried about how this would affect our business. Quite rapidly we set about stabilising our business and finding out which of our clients were still working or not. Then we tried to build from there. Today, with everyone back in the office things feel normal and we are really enjoying being back. It’s keeping the motivation much higher and really reinforcing the team spirit. We’ve missed hanging out with each other and doing great design.

Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests during lockdown?

Through the lockdown period we have had a lot of time at home and had the pleasure of hand-sketching a lot. It’s a tool we use every day but, whilst balancing kids and family at home, it’s really been a pleasure to sketch everywhere. We’ve sketched in the garden, the living room, the bedroom, everywhere. It’s really just about honing that skill.

Says Who's Lars bedroom storage collection

What has inspired you most during lockdown?

I would say that one of the most inspiring things that has happened for us is everyone becoming more passionate about their interiors. People have just picked up on the amazing idea of redecorating and refurnishing their homes. They keep asking us “what do you think is cool” or “what should be the next thing I buy”. Because people cannot travel or go to restaurants, they just want to stay at home and make a really nice living or dining room. It’s a huge passion for us because we just love furniture.

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