Designers on Lockdown: Laurie Maun

Laurie Maun is a Hackney-based textile designer and multidisciplinary artist with an exclusive wall art collection at Heal’s. Her abstract approach to motifs, colour and texture stretches across printmaking, drawing, painting and photography. Within this she focuses on traditional craftsmanship and British materials to create premium home accessories.

We caught up with Laurie to find out how lockdown has affected her.

How is lockdown treating you?

So far, okay. Like everyone, I’m having low days and high days but generally I can’t complain. I moved all my stuff from my studio in Dalston to my home in Forest Hill maybe a week or so before the lockdown was announced. I was starting to see a real shift in people’s energy when commuting so thought I’d get ahead of it and set up camp at home. We are pretty limited to space as I share my one bed apartment with my partner, who is also a creative working from home. So, an extra room wouldn’t go a miss, but other than that I feel very lucky to have what I do.

Generally I’ve allowed myself more time to do things I like, things I would usually be “too busy” to do. I’ve been quilting, and reading more and going pretty experimental with my cooking and baking. I think this is what’s kept me going really.

Laurie Maun Lockdown Artwork

How has lockdown shifted the way you design?

I think where I’m taking my inspiration from has maybe developed. I’m surrounded by trees and nature so my palettes are definitely adapting to their surroundings. More greens, yellows etc. My day to day has also certainly seen a shift as a lot of time is usually spent making and packaging wholesale orders. But, with the shops being closed my wholesale has stopped and instead I now spend most days painting as the request for commissioned art works has grown massively.

How has your business adapted to social distancing measures?

I’m a bit of a lone ranger day to day so I haven’t experienced a huge shift in what my norm is. But sadly I’ve had to cancel all workshops for the foreseeable future. I attempted to take them online but I don’t think that works so well for my personality. So, I’m still exploring ways I can keep them alive while we’re in lockdown.

Laurie Maun Lockdown Artwork Book

How have you stayed motivated when working from home?

Really simple steps like taking a walk in the morning, getting dressed, doing my hair/makeup. Anything that tricks my mind to thinking it’s just another normal day helps.

We’ve been spending more time exploring the areas around us which we’d maybe be too busy to normally do. There’s so much woodland on our doorstep which is great for getting lost in. If you squint hard enough you can forget you’re in London.

Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests during lockdown?

I’ve been pickling, fermenting, sourdough bread making and really stepped up my horticulture game. I’ve had an allotment space for a couple of years but have really gone to town this year. I’m growing Aubergines, Squash, Tomatoes, Beetroot, Onions and a whole tonne of flowers. Being able to nip down there at lunch time is really helping my mood especially when the weather’s nice.

Laurie Maun Cat

What are some of the most inspiring things you’ve seen during this period?

It’s been amazing to see local communities coming together. It’s not something I’ve really experienced since living in London but there’s a real spirit in the air. One of the flats in our block has started their own micro bakery meaning we have fresh pastries and baked goods delivered every weekend. Another flat has started a little library/book exchange which is really sweet and we also get to help someone who has hit financial difficulty which is a win.

I’ve also made some new friends in the area which was completely unexpected. People are talking to each other more and maybe generally just slowing down and appreciating what’s around them.

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Laurie Maun at work during lockdown