Copper Décor Ideas & Home Accessories

Warm and lustrous, coppery tones are the perfect accent to minimal spaces or an opulent addition to classically styled rooms. Providing a modern alternative to traditional chandeliers, groups of copper pendants continue to prove popular as lighting centrepieces. Plus, copper’s metallic finish also lends a fresh perspective to home accessories like mirrors, clocks and lamps.

Read on and let our shiny new copper inspiration bring some interior inspiration to your home.

Copper accessories

If you don’t want to make any major design changes to your home, copper accessories are a great way to get on board with the trend. Not only are accessories made from copper more cost-effective than wallpapering or retiling, but they’re also incredibly versatile.

Copper accessories

The versatility of copper accessories means you can move them around the room or into different parts of the house to update your space. Some of the best ways to introduces copper to your home is through accessories like mirrors, lamps and vases. You could also consider copper cutlery, handles or sofa feet for small flourishes.

Statement-making lighting

If you want to make a statement in your room, then copper lighting can be a great way to do it. Beautifully reflective and elegant, copper ceiling lights or lamps are a timeless addition to

your space.

You can find copper lighting in plenty of styles, so there’s definitely something to suit your tastes. If you’re a mid-century enthusiast, then there are loads of classic copper lights designed by celebrated masters. If you prefer something more modern, then we have plenty to choose from by contemporary designers.

Copper lampshades in a dining room

We love how the bold copper pendant lights in this dining space stay true to the room’s minimalist aesthetic. Their organic shapes and brushed copper finish mean they enhance the room’s décor, without stealing the show. Plus, they’re perfect for casting a cosy glow and creating a warm ambience.

Small accents of copper

If you want to lend a touch of copper into your home without going overboard, some small flourishes could be the way to go. There are plenty of reasons why you may just want a small touch of copper in your home. Perhaps you want to match your drawer handles in with the rest of your room, or maybe you’d like to tie your exposed piping in further.

For just small copper home accessories, we suggest planters, lamp stems and table legs made using the metal.

Copper plant pot in a home office

Copper’s eco friendly

Did you know that copper is one of the best materials you can use for architecture projects and interiors? That’s because it’s endlessly recyclable and incredibly durable, making it a clever choice for sustainable building. That’s why you see copper cladding more and more modern buildings.

Copper in the kitchen

Copper saucepans are a timeless addition to your kitchen. They are a classic design that’s equally at home in modern kitchens. Saucepans made using copper are often serious investments thanks to their unrivalled quality. There’s a reason our ancestors have cooked using copper for the last 11,000 years. Copper heats up quickly and evenly, then slows down fast when removed from the heat. That makes it perfect for cooking fish, sauces and desserts.

Copper saucepan in a kitchen

To really make your copper accessories stand out, we suggest keeping your kitchen’s design neutral. With minimalist surfaces and cabinets, your copper saucepans will be the star of the show. Plus, they’re stylish enough to display on open shelves or hooks, rather than hiding away in a cupboard.

Copper on the walls

If you like to make a statement with bold interior design, copper is a great choice when it comes to walls. It reflects light beautifully, adding a luxurious and versatile flourish to your space. You could go all out, painting your entire room in a light copper hue. Or you could choose a wallpaper with hints of copper running throughout. Whatever you decide, adding copper to your walls will lend a touch more glamour to your home.

Copper infused wallpaper

We love this example because it’s perfect for building out a complete design scheme. With plenty of different tones running throughout it, you could easily accessorise with shades of blue and copper. If your design scheme is a little brighter, opt for copper wallpaper with lighter shades of cream, white and grey in it.

Want to create your own copper statement? Check out our collection of copper lighting.