My Career as a Furniture Designer

As part of our new series focusing on careers in design, we sat down with Spanish furniture designer Jamie Hayon. Since Jaime has collaborated with brands like Fritz Hansen, &Tradition and Cassina, he is perfectly poised to discuss how to become a furniture designer.

Read on to discover some of Jaime Hayon’s top pieces of advice and what his role involves.

How did you get your first job in design?

I gained a role as part of the Fabrica design team – it was initially an internship and then I became head of their design department. As a creative agency we worked for all sorts of big clients there.

Furniture designer Jaime Hayon portrait | Image courtesy of Fritz Hansen

Was there a pivotal moment where you realised you wanted to be a designer?

I was into skateboarding and the creativity around it was very inspirational for me. Thanks to skateboarding, I met lots of interesting people that explored creativity through very personal languages. I started making board designs and drawings, then I eventually found my way to studying design.

At what point did you decide to found your own design studio?

In 2000 I started working on my own personal projects. Then, in 2003, I left Fabrica and set up my own studio.

What does your average workday involve?

I don’t do average because I normally travel a lot. Any day will also involve a lot of sketching and thinking.

Ro Easy Chair by Jaime Hayon | Image courtesy of Fritz Hansen

Do you need to have a degree to be a furniture designer?

I have a degree in Industrial Design, yes, but it’s not a necessary starting point for everyone.

What is your favourite thing you’ve designed?

I love creating art pieces. So, my art installations and work really inspires a lot of my more commercial designs.

What tip would you give someone looking to become a designer?

Find a real voice and always do what you love.

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