The 8 Best Scented Candles

Introducing a beautiful aroma can really complete a room. That’s why it’s important for you to find the best scented candles to suit you. This differs from room to room, with relaxing scents often preferred in bedrooms but energising aromas popular in dining spaces.

As scent is different for every person, we’d recommend sniffing candles in person before making a purchase. But remember, a scented candle can sometimes create a very different aroma when lit.

To help you out, we’ve hand-selected our best scented candles that each smell as good as they look.

Urban Apothecary Fig Tree Scented Candle is one of our best scented candles

Fig Tree Scented Candle

By Urban Apothecary

Dreaming of a Mediterranean summer? Well, thanks to this Fig Tree Scented candle you can almost feel the sun beating down on your skin. This nostalgic scent exudes a cool, crisp and earthy scent with notes of fig, violet, cedarwood and orris. Plus, each one is hand-poured in England using natural soy wax in a handcrafted black glass vessel.

Tom Dixon Alchemy Scented Candle is one of our best scented candles

Alchemy Scented Candle

By Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon’s Achemy collection is one of the best scented candles thanks to its bold aesthetic and rich aroma. The striking vessel is perfect for industrial spaces thanks to its hand-spun metal vessel. The addition of an Udaipur black marble lid lends it a luxurious touch. The scent itself features notes of gunpowder, sharp black pepper and suede.

Tom Dixon Terrazzo Scented Candle is one of our best scented candles

Terrazzo Scented Candle

By Tom Dixon

Another Tom Dixon creation has made our list of the best scented candles. Its terrazzo vessel is designed to last a lifetime. When finished it transforms into a plant pot, container and can even be refilled to create a new candle. Its Mediterranean scent is wonderfully fresh with notes of lemon, green fig, Gaiac wood and vetivert.

Rathbornes Dublin Dusk Candle

Dublin Dusk Candle

By Rathbornes

Every Rathbornes candle is special thanks to the five centuries’ worth of experience that’s poured into each one. We’ve chosen this Dublin Dusk Candle because of its striking appearance with bold black wax hand-poured into a black glass vessel. Its full-bodied fragrance features notes of smoked oud and cedar, reminiscent of the Irish coast.

ELM RD. Relax Aromatherapy Natural Candle

ELM RD. Candle Collection


It’s hard to pick just one scented candle from the ELM RD. collection because each one is exquisite. Each of these aromatherapy candles is handcrafted in Kent using natural wax and a blend of essential oils. Created with sustainability in mind, the candle’s vessel can be reused as a planter or even as a pencil holder.

Fornasetti Fior Di Lina Flora Scented Candle is one of our best scented candles

Fior Di Lina Flora Scented Candle

By Fornasetti

Fornasetti candles stand out even when they’re unlit thanks to their instantly recognisable design. Each one is decorated with the face of operatic muse Lina Cavalier in Piero Fornasetti’s signature style. We love the Flora scent’s fresh, uplifting aroma. Its floral bouquet was inspired by the gardens enveloping the Milanese Fornasetti house.

Heal's Nordic Fjord Scented Candle

Nordic Fjord Scented Candle

By Heal’s

Dramatic Scandinavian fjords inspired this beautifully fresh scent. One of the best scented candles thanks to its calming aroma, the candle features notes of orange blossom and lavender with a touch of sea salt. Each one is crafted exclusively for Heal’s at a workshop in Suffolk. Mineral wax is infused with essential oils to create the inspiring scent.

Fellowstead Tomato Leaf & Basil Scented Candle

Tomato Leaf & Basil Scented Candle

By Fellowstead

The best thing about this scented candle? It’s portable. Thanks to its metal container and secure lid, the candle can travel with you wherever you go. However, it’s actually its delicious aroma that landed this candle a place on our list of the best scented candles. The sunny, garden blend of fresh basil and crushed tomato leaves smells good enough to eat.

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