Best compact corner sofas for small rooms

With a space-saving design that doesn’t compromise on stylish good looks, a corner sofa is a smart choice for those with smaller or awkward spaces, while providing superior comfort thanks to their cocooning and enveloping shape. Here, we round-up the best compact corner sofas for small rooms, from contemporary silhouettes to traditional styles, so you can select one that’s just right for your taste and space. It’s time to cosy up. 

Is a corner sofa good for a small room?

The clue’s in the name when it comes to corner sofas, as they can be pushed into the corner of a room to save on all-important square footage, making the most of an often-redundant part of a room and negating the need for multiple sofas that will inevitably consume more floor space. 

But that’s not all. They can also be positioned in the centre of a room to zone an open-plan living space and divide up different areas for varying uses (lounging vs. dining, or working vs. relaxing, for example). The trend for using larger pieces of furniture, such as corner sofas, to designate zones is called ‘broken-plan’ living – which sits somewhere between open- and closed-plan. 

Best corner sofas for small spaces

Small corner chaise sofas

Corner chaise sofas are perfect if you want all the practicality of a corner sofa but are short on space. This style incorporates an ottoman into its design with left and right-hand facing options to suit your room. They’re great for stretching out on without the need for a separate pouf while the integrated ottoman can double as a coffee table laden with a tray when not in use (we like styling ours up with coffee table tomes and covetable objets d’art). Get inspired by the classic simplicity of the Richmond with elegantly sloping arms and detachable footstool; or the Morven featuring customisable modules and a squishy pillow-like silhouette. Both can be upholstered in a range of luxurious fabrics to complement your scheme. 

Small left-hand corner sofas

Guarantee the perfect fit with a collection of small left-hand corner sofas that can be installed seamlessly in your living space. From Heal’s creations to curated designers, there’s something for everyone, whether our Brunel with an industrial-style design and detachable footstool that means it can be switched from a left-hand to a right-hand corner sofa in seconds, or the Palmo by Amura comprising distinctive leather folds and padded seats. 

Small right-hand corner sofas

On the flip-side – quite literally – are small right-hand corner sofas for those who need a style orientated on the other side of the room. Peruse and select from the likes of Luna – as elegant as it is versatile – Tailor, which combines British tailoring with modern form, and Brunel, comprising geometric proportions with a comfortable seat. Want to learn more about the difference between left-hand and right-hand corner sofas? Read our helpful blog here

Small modular sofas

Small modular sofas are best when space really is at a premium as you can plump for a minimum number of individual units – two or three, say – to make up your preferred style. Designed exclusively for Heal’s by Danish studio Says Who, Lilli includes everything from single armless modules to a sweeping corner unit and left- and right-hand seats, meaning you can make it as compact (or as generous) as you like. Meanwhile, Togo by Ligne Roset – a design classic for over 50 years – is immediately recognisable by its distinctive shape and features modules including a small settee, footstool and corner seat best suited to compact rooms. Discover more about modular sofas and their myriad of benefits here

What colour corner sofa is best for a small living room?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to selecting colours that make tight spaces feel bigger. The first is to go neutral with a corner sofa that tones with similarly calming walls and doesn’t take up much ‘visual’ space. The idea here is for it to blend in with the rest of the décor in the room. Consider Tailor in chunky bouclé ecru, for example. The second is to pick a hue that’s vibrant to ‘fill’ the room visually and make an impact rather than a softer colour that may feel apologetic. This approach can be employed either by contrasting a bold sofa such as Togo in Alcantara Goya red with neutral walls or clashing with similarly charismatic décor. 

Make the most of your compact living room with a small corner sofa

Inspired by our round-up of the best compact corner sofas for small rooms? Invest in just the right one for your interiors by browsing and buying small settees