The Antique Department

Pioneering in their day, our unique collection of antique furniture showcases the innovative heritage of Heal?s design. Each piece has been specially chosen for its lasting quality and is sure to last generations within your home.

From elegant heirlooms to modern classics, invest in our collection of one-off pieces

Since 1810, we have specialised in producing timeless pieces of furniture in keeping with the times. Taking in everything from the Arts & Crafts movement to Mid-century modernism, our eclectic archive of designs have become collectors? items with the Heal?s stamp a mark of quality design and expert craftsmanship. Exclusively available from our flagship store, each piece is a one-off, non-repeat purchase.

On Display

As with all antique and vintage furniture, we have a constant rotation of items on display so cannot guarantee a certain piece will be available to buy.

If you are planning a trip specifically to see our antique collection, please call the store and we will arrange for a wide range of pieces to be on display

Key items

The Owl Cabinet, 1904. Considered by many to be the best piece of furniture Ambrose Heal designed, the fumed chestnut cabinet 372 (often referred to as the Owl cabinet) sits on a simple plinth. The mastery is in the detail - drawer pulls are compressed heart shapes and inset wooden turnbuckle latches lock the doors ? with such understated embellishment working well with Heal's material of choice: unpolished wood.

Antique dealers

If you have an item of Heal's antiques furniture and would like to know more about it, we recommend getting in touch with the following dealers:

The Antique Trader at the Millinery Works
85-87 Southgate Road,
N1 3JS
020 7359 2019
Extremely knowledgeable staff. Experts in the history of Sir Ambrose Heal and his designs. The company has exhibited furniture at the Heal's Tottenham Court Road store. Predominately interested in furniture between 1897 and the 1940s, but will also look at other interesting pieces.

Art Furniture
Matthew Mulvanney
158 Camden Street
London NW1
020 7267 4324
Specialises in mainly pre 1950 furniture but will look at other pieces as well.

Gareth Williams
Montpelier Street
London SW7 1HH
020 7393 3900
Modern Furniture department interested in all ages of Heal's furniture.

Simon Andrews
85 Old Brompton Road
South Kensington
London SW7 3LP
020 7581 7611
Modern and Decorative Furniture department interested in all periods of Heal's furniture. Can identify and usually value items if shown clearly in a photograph.